About Us

Our school is offering the high class education from a long and has a famed name in the area for that. We have a well suited environment for the students to flourish their mental and physical growth with us. We have well educated and experienced staff for the students to support them in every stage they want.

We always have a aim of providing the best to every student and always work in the way of offering something new and motivated for the students. Our school has positive surroundings for the growth of student. Our school always give chance to students to explore their skills in other activities like sports etc. and always ready to support students who want to grow in any of the other activities in making their future in that.

Our Achievements/Parents Corner

Mr. Vipul Sharma

My children get the best education here with all the facilities required for the development of the child. This is the best place I found in the area for my child. They have a well manage system which helps parents to get the full knowledge regarding the children.

Mr. Chandan lal

When I came here after the transfer I am worried about the good place for my children but when I get to know about this place I got it. The positive atmosphere I fell when I enter in the premises allows me to take a decision in choosing this place for my Childs. The staff and management are very supportive to parents and students.

Mr. Harish Gupta

A place where we can trust for our child to get the best education in the region well educated and experienced Teachers with the capacity of understanding how to take every student of different caliber together. Got the best results for my child from here and love to recommend it to others.

M/s. Sarika Jain

School helps my child to make career in sports that is what he love to do. And they support him to grow their skills in that field. Finest place for your child in building the career in the field they love. We are Lucky to have a school like this in our area for our child.